In writing this I realize it's hard to define ourselves because we're all walking contradictions. One minute we realize our flaws and if we're lucky realize our true desires. There is nothing wrong with change. Our ego and sense of self convinces us we must always be right. Vibes & Virtues comes from a place of uncertainty. We never really know what we're doing, we're only always trying to figure it out. Life is art, and art is an ongoing conversation that we all contribute to. The artist chooses to be aware and the conformist chooses to speak. 

Vibes & Virtues is a DBA of DoReMe Media Group, LLC. DoReMe is a community outreach initiative and multidisciplinary media production company focusing on artist sustainability through financial literacy and community building. 

DoReMe = DiscoveringOurselves RevolutionizingEarth MaintainingEnlightenment