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Welcome to Vibes & Virtues, a strategic card game where deep dialogue meets playful competition. Designed for the curious and the conversational, this game is more than just entertainment—it’s a bridge to meaningful connections.

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Why Vibes & Virtues?

Vibes & Virtues isn't just a game; it's a journey to the heart of dialogue.


In a world cluttered with small talk, Vibes & Virtues stands out as a beacon for those craving genuine interaction. Perfect for game nights, icebreakers at gatherings, or as a unique way to unwind with friends, our game is tailored for players aged 18+ who cherish personal growth and deep connections.


How it works

Start Simple: Each player holds a hand of question cards, sparking discussion and debate.

Strategic Play: Use your "yes" and "no" cards wisely to navigate through questions and surprises alike.

Gameplay Twists: Specialty cards like 'Skip,' 'Reverse,' and 'Persuade' add layers of strategy and unexpected turns.

Aim to Win: Guess the group's responses correctly and lead the way to victory by emptying your hand.

Designed for the Connection Seeker

Whether you're a couple looking to explore each other's minds, a group of friends ready for hearty debates, or young professionals eager to build networks, Vibes & Virtues is your catalyst for an evening of thought-provoking fun.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vibes & Virtues?
  • Vibes & Virtues is a conversational card game that combines strategy with deep dialogue, designed to enhance connections between players through meaningful discussions.
  • How do you play Vibes & Virtues?
  • Players start with a hand of question cards and respond with "yes" or "no" cards, aiming to guess others' answers and navigate through strategic elements to win.
  • How many people can play?
  • The game is ideal for 2-12 players, providing a versatile setup for small gatherings or larger groups.
  • Is there an age limit for the game?
  •  This edition is crafted for adults (18+) due to the depth and nature of the conversation, but stay tuned for our upcoming kid-friendly version.
  • How long does a typical game last?
  • A typical game can last between 30-90 minutes, but it can vary based on the number of players and the flow of conversation.
  • Can you play Vibes & Virtues with people you've just met?
  • Absolutely! It's a great ice-breaker and a way to get to know new people through revealing and entertaining dialogue.
  • Is Vibes & Virtues suitable for parties?
  • Yes, it's perfect for game nights, social gatherings, or any event where you want to add a layer of engaging interaction.
  • Where can I buy Vibes & Virtues?
  • You can purchase it directly from our website, and keep an eye out for it at select local and independent retailers. Interested in being one? Click here to learn more
  • Can the game be played virtually?
  • While it's designed for in-person play, creative adaptations can be made to enjoy it over video calls for remote game nights.
  • Does the game come with any expansions or variations?
  • We are currently developing themed and kid-friendly expansion packs to add even more variety to your game experience.
  • What if I have more questions about the game?
  • Feel free to email us at, and we'll be happy to answer any additional queries you may have.
  • Is there a digital version of the game available?
  • At this time, Vibes & Virtues is available as a physical card game only. We'll announce if a digital version becomes available.

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